Pep talk

“A speech of exhortation, as to a team or staff, meant to instill enthusiasm or bolster morale.”

Are you interested in learning how you create, build and deliver a Pep talk to your team or staff?

By delivering the right Pep talk at the right moment, you can make all the difference on the outcome.

This program is for coaches, leaders, and teachers and others that are responsible for a group of people.

In this program you will learn about these things:

  • What is a pep talk?
  • When to give one?
  • How to create a pep talk
  • How to give a pep talk

Session: You will learn in the session everything about Pep talk and how to create your own Pep talk speech.

Exam: You will present your own Pep talk speech live.

Diploma: After you have pass the exam, you will receive The Pep Talker Diploma.

Price: 599€

Location: Can be done over skype or other location. Travel expenses etc. are not included in the program price.

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A Pep Talker can in few minutes make all the difference.