A strong team trumps a team of individualists...What would it be like to have a team that worked perfect together? Where unity is at the top, and where you work, thought and lived as a team? Although a team consists of good individual players, those players still could not manage to perform the same as a strong
team when they stand together.

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What is the club culture? Is it the board responsibility to create the winning mentality? What do the club stand for? What is the vision and does it go along with the culture? Should the club: Walk the Talk, why? Do the players respect the club? Team spirit starts with the club, why?

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The biggest challenge for each club is they don´t manage the results of the team performance, or do they? As a team player, what is your role? Are you a part of the team or are you the team? Do you play for points or for something higher? Are you the one that the team would go the extra mile for?

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Your wish is to become a great athlete, but you feel with hard work, you are still not reaching your goals, why is that? You coaching regarding developing your physically and techniques is under control, but you still feel things are lacking, why? To become a better athlete, you need to control your mind,

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Parents want what's best for their child but often are not sure how to make that happen within the sport realm. VMM teaches ideal parent roles, how to be a positive support, and how to control emotions while on the sidelines. For the first time, parents can be on the same page mentally as the coaches and athletes.

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Pep talk

Are you interested in how you create, build and deliver a Pep talk to your team or staff? What often is missing in a team or among the staff, is lack of inspiration and motivation. A Pep talk is often the missing link between winning and loosing, negative and positive performance, why?

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John Terry has an almost uncanny mental strength.

Chelsea Chairman Bruce Buck

Mental strength the secret of my success.

Michael Johnson

The performance differences among the best sailors are minimal. In major competitions such as world championships, Sailing World Cups and – last but not least – the Olympics the mental strength decides on victory and defeat.

Germany Sailing Team

Mental strength and not tactics will decide Ajax vs. FC Twente.

Steve McClaren

Hails the Manchester United´s mental strength.

Sir Alex Ferguson

My coach is good at setting challenges for me in training and competition – he plays a big role in my physical and mental preparation.

Usain Bolt

Tiger is the most mentally tough guy in sports, from race car drivers to football players to anyone.

Pro Golfer Bob May

Barcelona has mental strength to win Champions League.

Lionel Messi

I admit that mental toughness was the reason for not such a successful 2011.

Rafael Nadal

Mental toughness is not getting too high or too low, but just staying at an even keel.

Kobe Bryant

Mental power of foster children who become the key to Real Madrid\'s 1-0 win over Real Sociedad.

Jose Mourinho

We lost our first match and then won all the others. I think that shows the great mental capacity of this team, and it didn\'t surprise me because I knew the goals would come.

Christian Ronaldo

It will take years for Manchester City to match Manchester United\'s famous mental strength.

Roberto Mancini

David De Gea´s Mental toughness is the key.

Sir Alex Ferguson