About VMM

Certified Mental Coach from Scandinavia, Hans F Hansen, is the founder of the Viking Mental Method, a new approach to gain mental strength inside sport and business.

Viking Mental Method comes from the roots of the Vikings in the North, where Hans F Hansen is born and raised.

  • A Viking seeks the adventures and risks that come with meeting challenges head high.
  • A Viking mentality creates change and opportunities.
  • A Viking believes that everything is possible to conquer if you master the mind.

What made Vikings a threat to Europe and the rest of the world? They knew how to master their minds.

With experience in professional football, business and mental coaching, Hans F Hansen inspire and helps individuals, athletes, coaches, teams and clubs to creates winning mentalities and learning to control the mind and let the mind work for you, instead of against you.

To become better, learn how to master the mind. We at VMM are excited to help and teach others a new way of thinking when it comes to get better results.